How to create a WordPress website

How to create a WordPress website

Step One: Find a hosting provider

What is a hosting provider?

A hosting provider is a company or service that offers individuals and organizations the technology and infrastructure necessary to make their websites or applications accessible on the internet. Hosting providers essentially rent out server space, storage, and network connectivity to their customers, allowing them to publish their websites or web-based applications online.

The best hosting provider recommendation would be Hostking, It is based in Cape Town South Africa.

Why choose Hostking?

  • Quick response to your inquiries
  • Affordable hosting packages and domains
  • Great customer care service. Live chat 24/7
  • IT specialists that are always available to resolve any issue that your website may experience. Including fixing any coding issues.
  • They help you under the core details of what is having a website.
  • Website security
  • Fast website performance

Step Two: Purchase of domain

What is a domain? A domain is the name of your website. Such as Before you purchase a domain, you need to check it availability from your hosting provider and how much it cost.

Step Three: Install WordPress

You install WordPress under CPanel which is found in your webhosting account.

  • Under the auto-installer section in your cPanel, click on the WordPress icon.
  • You will be redirected to a page where you can click “Install Now”
  • Under “Protocol”, the default is “http”. We recommend you stick with this unless you have installed an SSL certificate — in which case, you should use “https.”
  • The last thing you’ll need to do is complete your admin page information.

Step Four: Install theme

WordPress themes are pre-design websites that are free and Premium. Ready to be install on your WordPress with just few clicks. You can find various designs on this platform Envato. They have all types of themes for E-Commerce, Corporate, Online Magazine, Portfolio and Booking.    

Click here to download today.

Step Five: Install plugins

WordPress plugins are designed to add functionality to your websites.  You can download the 2023’s Best Selling WordPress Plugins on Envato.

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